Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

    PDMA has a policy and a process in place for new product development professionals to renew their NPDP certification. The primary criterion for renewal of an individual’s certification status is the active pursuit of additional new product development knowledge, which will be measured through the number of professional development hours (PDHs) that an individual obtains.

    To renew the NPDP certification, an individual is required to obtain 60 PDHs over a three-year period beginning on the date NPDP certification is awarded. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that 20 PDHs are accumulated per year. All PDHs can be obtained through attending seminars and other related educational activities and no more than 50% of PDHs can be obtained through volunteer work. The table below identifies items that lead to PDHs and the number of PDHs that can be obtained for each item.



    Attendance at PDMA International Conference (3 days) 24 PDHs
    Attendance at other Product Development related conference/seminar

    8 PDHs/day
    1 PDH/hour

    Participate in Webcast on product development 1 PDH/hour
    Book reviews (submit to book review editor) 5 PDHs

    Volunteer work:

    • PDMA or PDMA Chapter
    • Another product development related organization


    0.5 PDHs/hour
    0.5 PDHs/hour (case by case)

    Attend an executive development course 1 PDH/hour
    Speaker at chapter meetings, conferences, etc. related to NPD 2 PDHs/hour
    Attendance at local product development meetings 1 PDH/hour

    Training sessions related to product development:

    • Give training
    • Get training


    2 PDHs/hour
    1 PDH/hour

    Publish a chapter in a product development related book 10 PDHs

    Publish product related book as

    • Co-author
    • Sole author


    30 PDHs
    45 PDHs

    Publish a peer-reviewed article on product development 20 PDHs
    Publish a non-peer reviewed article 5 PDHs
    Submit article in PDMA Body of Knowledge 5 PDHs/article
    Read articles and publish reviews on them (submit to PDMA website for publication) 1 PDH/article
    5 PDHs per year maximum
    College classes related to product development – give/get 20 PDHs
    Other product development related items Case by case basis

    If you have questions regarding NPDP re-certification, please feel free to contact

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