Maintain NPDP Certification

    Certification Renewal Process and Requirements

    Certified new product development professionals can renew their NPDP certification every three years by completing and submitting a certification renewal application in the Certification Center, subject to approval by PDMA.

    The primary criterion for renewing NPDP certification is the active pursuit of additional new product development knowledge through Professional Development Hours (PDHs). All individuals are required to pay a renewal fee upon submitting their renewal application.

    To renew certification, an individual is required to obtain 60 PDHs over a three-year period beginning on the date NPDP certification is awarded. To review the items that lead to PDHs and the number of PDHs that can be obtained through volunteer work, click here.

    You may complete your certification renewal application and update your PDH hours by visiting the Certification Center.

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    Certification Reinstatement Process and Requirements

    If an individual does not renew their NPDP certification within the three-year timeframe and allows their status to lapse, they may apply to reinstate their certification at a later date. Reinstatement applications can be completed and submitted to PDMA through the Certification Center. All individuals are required to pay a reinstatement fee upon submitting their reinstatement application.

    If you previously took the NPDP exam to become certified, you are required to either retake the exam or document 60 professional development hours (PDHs) to show continuing active involvement in the field of product development, in addition to paying the appropriate reinstatement fee.

    If you were previously granted NPDP certification by PDMA leadership, you are required to take the NPDP exam again, in addition to paying the appropriate reinstatement fee.

    Important: The reinstatement application fee does not include the cost to take the NPDP exam again ($250).

    Fees for Renewing and Reinstating Certification

    PDMA Members: $150

    Non-Members: $225

    This fee does not include the cost of taking the NPDP exam ($250) to be paid to the testing service provider, Prometric.

    If you wish to pay your recertification application fee by check, mail it to the address below:

    PDMA Membership/General
    1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252
    St. Paul, MN 55114 USA

    If you have any questions regarding the renewal or reinstatement process, please email

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