NPDP Certification Exam Overview

    The NPDP exam is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions that test product development knowledge in the following seven key areas:


    Preparing for the Exam

    How you prepare primarily depends on your current level of skill and knowledge in new product development. It also depends on your own preferences for learning as well as how much time you can spend in preparation. 

    There are two basic paths one can take to prepare for the NPDP Certification Exam:

    1.  General Self-Study

    This path is for those with a significant level of skill and knowledge in new product development, and who may be able to prepare for the exam completely on their own. The NPDP study book provides all the material required for the NPDP Certification exam. It also provides a list of additional references for those who would like to dive more deeply into the NPDP section topics. 

    To help you prepare for the exam, please visit the pages below:

    2.  Instructor-led NPDP Certification Exam Preparation Review and Workshop Sessions

    Click here for more information about NPDP education available to everyone. You can also view a list of PDMA's current NPDP Registered Education Providers

    Scheduling the Exam

    Exam Fee: $250 for both PDMA members or non-members

    The NPDP Examination is computer-based and administered by Prometric. You can take the exam at hundreds of designated test sites, both in the U.S. and internationally, at a date and time that is convenient for you. You will not able to schedule an exam through Prometric without first having an approved NPDP application and Eligibility ID. 

    Note: If you are located in mainland China, you will need to apply for the NPDP exam through TCSAFEA. You will not be able to schedule the exam through Prometric.

    Taking the Exam

    You will have 3 1/2 hours to complete the 200-question exam. Each candidate will receive an NPD exam that is "unique" and pulls randomized questions from a larger question bank. The passing point is 75% (150 questions must be answered correctly). Your results will be provided to you immediately upon completion.

    Note: If you are located in mainland China, you will need to take the NPDP exam through TCSAFEA. You will not be able to take the exam through Prometric.

    Completing the Exam

    Once you become fully NPDP certified, your NPDP certificate documents will be sent to you via email in PDF format and your lapel pin will be available at PDMA’s Annual Conference in the fall. If you would like hard copies of your certificate documents and lapel pin mailed to you, please contact PDMA Headquarters at 800.232.5241 or Individuals will be required to cover the cost of postage/shipping for these items, both domestically and internationally.

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