NPDP Certification


    NPDP Application Process -
    The United States and Countries Outside of Mainland China

    Each candidate interested in becoming NPDP certified must complete all steps of PDMA’s certification application process, which is detailed below.

    All candidates in the United States and countries outside of mainland China must first submit a completed NPDP certification application to PDMA for approval before they are able to take the NPDP exam. Once a certification application has been approved, the candidate will receive a confirmation email from PDMA that includes an Eligibility ID needed to schedule the NPDP exam. Candidates will not be able to schedule an exam without an Eligibility ID.

    Please allow 5-10 business days for your certification application to be processed.

    1.   Determine Your Eligibility

    To qualify for the NPDP certification, candidates must meet specific criteria in education, experience and knowledge. To see if you meet these criteria, click here.


    2.  Complete and Submit an Application 

    The certification application can be completed and submitted to PDMA through our Certification Center. To enter the Certification Center, click on the button below.* 

    certification center.png

    Application Fees

    Application fees are based on your PDMA membership type and are paid when submitting your application in the Certification Center.

    Membership Type Application Fee
    PDMA Professional and Academic Members $0
    PDMA Student and Team Members $100
    Non-Members $200 

     3.  Receive Your Approval to Test

    When your application has been reviewed and approved (allow 5-10 business days) you will receive an email including an eligibility ID and instructions on how to schedule your exam. You will not be able to schedule an exam without your eligibility ID.


    4.  Schedule and Pass the Exam

    The NPDP exam is administered by Prometric at testing sites around the world. The exam costs $250 for both PDMA members and non-members. After completing your exam, PDMA will receive your exam score and you will be notified once it has been added to your original certification application.

    Important!  You will be required to pay an exam fee of $250 to Prometric each time you take the NPDP exam. This exam fee is not collected by PDMA and is not related to any application fees you may have paid when submitting your NPDP application.

    Once you become fully NPDP certified, your NPDP certificate documents will be sent to you via email in PDF format and your lapel pin will be available at PDMA’s Annual Conference in the fall. If you would like hard copies of your certificate documents and lapel pin mailed to you, please contact PDMA Headquarters at 800.232.5241 or Individuals will be required to cover the cost of postage/shipping for these items, both domestically and internationally.

    Provisional Status

    Individuals who have submitted a completed certification application to PDMA but do not have the required level of educational or professional experience to become fully certified are still able to take the NPDP exam.

    "NPDP Provisional Status" is granted to those who have submitted an application and passed the NPDP exam. Individuals who are granted "NPDP Provisional Status" have up to five years to accrue the necessary experience that is required to become certified. In order for an individual to change their status from "NPDP Provisional" to "NPDP Certified," they must accrue the necessary experience and update the certification application they previously submitted for further approval.

    If you have any questions regarding the certification process, please email

    The certification application can be completed and submitted to PDMA through our Certification Center. To enter the Certification Center, click on the button below.

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