PDMA Frequently Asked Questions


    What is my username and password?
    If you have forgotten your username or password, click here and it will be sent to your email account on file. If you are unsure which email account you have on file, contact PDMA Headquarters.

    Am I a member?
    To check your membership status, login with your username and password. Once logged in, click the My Options drop down menu and click My Profile. In your profile your membership type is listed. Guest have limited access to the PDMA website.  

    When does my membership expire?
    Login with your username and password to access your member profile. Once logged in, click the My Options drop down menu and click My Profile. Once in your profile select, click the Membership tab. In the membership tab you will see your current membership type as well as the start and end dates. For more information about your dues click the View button.

    How will I know when it’s time to renew?
    You will receive an e-mail when it's time to renew. Also, a "tickler" will appear across the top of the screen with the number of days left before your membership expires.  

    How do I renew my membership?
    Login with your username and password. Once logged in, click the Renew Membership button on the home page.

    How much does membership cost?
    Membership dues vary depending on your country of residence and status as a professional, academic or student. To view a full list of membership details visit one of the following pages: Professional Membership, Academic Membership or Student Membership.

    I’m a student. How do I apply?
    Students can apply to membership by completing the online application. Student Membership is available to those who are currently taking classes related to product development and are not employed full- time. A copy of a current school-issued class schedule is required to document your student status. Student Memberships are subject to PDMA approval.

    Who joins PDMA?
    PDMA members come from diverse career and experience backgrounds. We have professional, academic and student memberships. Some members are starting in the product development field and others have been in the industry their entire career. Furthermore, PDMA has a global reach, with membership in more than 50 countries. If you are in product development and are interested in networking, career development and industry insights, then you’ve come to the right association.

    What are the benefits of membership?
    Click here to check out the great benefits PDMA has to offer.

    How long will it take to process my new membership/renewal?
    Renew online today and your profile will be updated automatically. If you mail your payment, please allow Headquarters 7-10 business days once they receive the payment to update your profile.

    Do you offer corporate membership?
    PDMA does offers team memberships. Teams consist of 3-11 members from the same business and receive great PDMA benefits, all at a reduced price. Click here for more information on Team Membership.

    How do I sign up my team and how long does it take for my team’s membership application to be processed?
    You can sign up by filling out the Team Membership application online. Once the team has been entered into the system, each team member will receive a welcome email with instructions on accessing the PDMA website.

    Can PDMA teams be located outside the U.S. and are dues the same?
    Yes, teams can be located outside the U.S. and the same dues structure applies.

    If a team leader or basic member leaves the company, can another individual take over his/her membership?
    Yes. As long as the company/organization has paid for the membership, they own it and can replace any members with new members who will inherit the benefits from the previous member.

    How can I make changes or updates to my team?
    If you have changes or need to make updates to your team, please contact PDMA Headquarters.

    What companies currently take advantage of PDMA team membership?
    The current PDMA teams are: Accept Software, ADM Coca, Akro-Mils, Applied Marketing Science Inc., Bahamas Telecommunication Co. Ltd., Bank of America, Buckhorn Inc., Camelot Group plc, Capital One, Carolina Pad, CCH a Wolterskluwer Business, CGN & Associates, City & Guilds, The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, Elkay Manufacturing, Fidelity Investments, First Data Corporation, FIS, GE Fleet Services, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Gold’n Plump Poultry, Health Alliance Plan, HealthPartners, HJ Heinz, HYPIOS, ide+, Infosys Consulting Inc., Kalypso, Lord Corporation, McKinsey & Company, Midmark Corporation, Milliken & Company, Newry Corp, NineSigma Inc, Nykredit, Océ Business Services Inc, OPW Fluid Transfer Group, Premiere Global Services, Qiagen, Sage Software Healthcare LLC, Samsung Electronics, SAP Labs Inc. Sargento, Sealed Air Corporation, Spielo, St. Jude Medical, Stage-Gate Inc., Standard Life, Staples Inc., Therm-O-Disc Inc., Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Universal Forest Products, ViaSat, WD 40, WellPoint.

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    Do I have to be a PDMA member to be certified?
    You do not need to be a PDMA member to be certified. However, if you do become a full member of PDMA, the application fee (a $200 value) is waived. Members also receive great benefits such as the Visions and JPIM magazines to stay up-to-date on industry practices. Click here to Join PDMA.

    How long does certification last?
    Once your New Product Development Professional (NPDP) certification application has been approved and you pass the certification exam, you will be certified for 3 years. If you applied for Provisional certification, you have 5 years to accrue the necessary experience for regular NPDP certification.

    How do I renew my certification?
    To renew your NPDP certification, an individual is required to obtain 60 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) over their 3 year certification period and pay a renewal fee ($150 members/$225). To review the items that lead to PDHs and the number of PDHs that can be obtained please click here.

    PDMA members can track their PDHs through the Certification Center. Once logged in, go to "My Page." You may access "My Page" by clicking on the "Home" tab. Once you have accessed "My Page," you will find a box titled "NPDP Certification." Click on "Manage my Certification" to enter the Certification Center. You may also visit the Certification Center by clicking here.

    Please note: You must login to receive your PDMA member benefits.

    What happens if you have not earned your 60 PDHs?
    If you have not earned the 60 PDHs over the 3 year certification term, you must become reinstated. To become reinstated, an individual must submit a reinstatement form and retake the NPDP certification exam.

    What events/work is eligible for PDHs?
    100% of the PDHs can be obtained through attending seminars and other related educational activities related to product development.

    Some examples include:

    • Attendance at PDMA Annual Conference
    • Attendance at PDMA Chapter meetings
    • Participation in Webinars
    • Volunteer Work
    • Training Sessions
    • Attend/Teach Educational Courses

    To find a complete list of activities that would count towards PDHs please click here.

    Please note: No more than 50% of the PDHs can be obtained through volunteer work.

    How do I sign up to take the test?
    Before being eligible to take the NPDP certification exam, an individual must first submit a certification application. Once completing the application, an individual may then schedule their NPDP certification exam.

    The NPDP certification exam is administrated through Prometric. Promertic has testing sites located worldwide. Individuals are able to take the exam not only in English but Mandarin and Spanish as well. The certification exam fee is $250 for non-members and members.

    Does PDMA provide any study materials for the exam?
    You can access a recommended reading list with downloadable PDFs here. A study guide and practice questions are also available to help you prepare for the exam.

    You may also take a formal class through PDMA’s Registered Education Providers (REPs). To view the list of REPs please click here. To view a schedule of REP courses currently available please click here.

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    How do I know if I’m affiliated with a chapter?
    Members and Guests now have access to join multiple chapter communities through the website. Click here to access a full list of available chapter communities. A list of chapters that you are affiliated with are also listed on the bottom of yoru My Profile page.

    What are upcoming events in my area?
    Click here to see a list of upcoming PDMA events. Events are also listed on your local chapter’s webpage.

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    Annual Conference

    How do I become a speaker at the Annual Conference?
    If you are interested in speaking at the conference, contact Cellie Morales.

    For more information on the PDMA Annual Conference visit, www.pdma.org/annualconference.

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    How do I sponsor an event or advertise with PDMA?
    With nearly 3,000 members, PDMA is a great place to reach Product Development Professionals. We offer multiple opportunities for sponsorship and advertising, including webcasts, conferences, online advertising and advertising through our print publications. To learn more contact e-mail Sara Kolovitz or call 312.321.5827.

    Who do I contact if I’m interested in sponsoring at the conference?
    With nearly 3,000 members, PDMA is a great place to reach Product Development Professionals. To learn more, and become a sponsor, contact Sara Kolovitz at 312.321.4779 or skolovitz@pdma.org.

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    I didn’t receive Visions/JPIM. How do I get my issue?
    Contact PDMA Headquarters by email at pdma@pdma.org to confirm your mailing address and the issue that you are missing. Your issue will be mailed in 7-10 business days. Please note that in 2013 PDMA converted to an electronic distribution of Visions and JPIM. If you are interested in receiving the hard copies, you can sign-up to do so here. We ask for a $15 shipping and handling charge per issue.

    How do I get extra copies of Visions/JPIM?
    Contact PDMA Headquarters and additional issues will be mailed in 7-10 business days.

    Can I subscribe to Visions without PDMA membership?
    Visions is a member-only benefit that we do not offer to non-members at this time. If you would like become a member and receive Visions, click here to sign up or read more about the great benefits that PDMA members receive.

    Can I subscribe to JPIM without PDMA membership?
    JPIM is a member-only benefit that we do not offer to non-members at this time. If you would like become a member and receive JPIM, click here to sign up or read more about the great benefits that PDMA members receive.

    Didn’t find an answer to your question? Contact PDMA Headquarters at 800.232.5241 or e-mail pdma@pdma.org.

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