Letter from our Chair

    Welcome to the Product Development and Management Association website! Our community of innovators creates the wellspring for new knowledge for how to create new marketplace value.

    The PDMA community is woven from a fabric of international practicing professionals, academic researchers, professors and students and service providers that support corporations with their innovation and product development expertise.

    We are passionate about extending the reach and impact of our leading-edge research and best practices by engaging you. We do this through:

    1. PDMA's organizational structures: chapters, affiliates and special interest groups (SIG's)
    2. Professional development and networking opportunities within local events, conferences and corporate learning groups
    3. PDMA's publications and New Product Development Professional (NPDP) Certification

    The PDMA community is made up of members who have joined to be successful with a new or ongoing innovation, product development and management assignment. We find that while someone may join to become more effective in a new job, they often remain for their professional lifetime!

    If you are an innovator (or would like to meet some), attend one of the affiliate or chapter programs in your area. PDMA conferences are also a great place to cross paths and network with thought leaders.

    Wondering what's next? Read one of our highly respected publications: The Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM) that highlights leading-edge research in innovation and product development, or Visions, our more practical, application-oriented magazine.

    If you are curious about what companies measure up as "Outstanding Corporate Innovators," PDMA has been methodically searching for and awarding the best of the best for more than 20 years. The list of Who's Who for cutting-edge innovation practices, includes Apple, Corning and FedEx, to name a few.

    PDMA is a volunteer-inspired organization that lives and breathes innovation and "connects innovators worldwide!" I would like to hear from you on your PDMA experience and your ideas for our future.

    Allan Anderson, NPDP
    Chair of the Board
    Product Development & Management Association
    Connecting Innovators Worldwide

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